Update Online GTA: Towards Deathmatch and Race Your Work!

Bored with all the content that is now available in the GTA Online? Do not worry. Rockstar is ready to release the latest update that brings interesting features.

Through updates are available starting December 10, 2013, both gamers PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 will get tools such as Deathmatch and Race Creator and get GTA 5 Money Hack here.

Yes, as the name implies, you can create Deathmatch and Race itself. Once created, you can publish it via the Rockstar Games Social Club to be downloaded and played by the other player.

Communities at Social Club can also give ratings or just share so that more friends can see your work. When this update is released, you can make or tamper with Deathmatch, Team Deatchmatch, Race, GTA Race and Race Rally and you can get gta hack online.

Rockstar plans to regularly monitor the content that has been created by gamers. The best work will be entered in the class of “Rockstar Verified Jobs”.

In addition to announcing a brand-new update for GTA Online, Rockstar did not forget to give a little glimpse of DLC GTA V to be released in 2014. From the announcement on their official blog, it seems that the action of Michael, Franklin and Trevor will continue with new missions in San Andreas. Problem Heist Mode, a new Rockstar will leak in early 2014.

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