The Walking Dead Season 2 Make Clementine Main Character

An emotional roller coaster that is covered with a deep sadness, The Walking Dead did leave a deep impression on all gamers who had the opportunity to try it. Masterpiece born from the cold hands of Telltale Games told about the efforts the two main characters – Lee and Clementine to survive in the midst of the onslaught of zombies endless. But it is the biggest conflict born of the interaction between the survivors who tried to escape from this harsh reality. After that look stunning season 1 through 5 pieces of separate episodes, Telltale has finally officially confirmed the presence of The Walking Season 2 and at the same time – the return of Clementine and get monster legends hack here.

After all the emotional conflicts that must he went through in the first season, The Walking Dead a lot of gamers who naturally builds his own attachment to the character of the girls on this one. In season two, Telltale finally ensure that Clementine will be the main playable character. In sinopsi there,┬ámonster legends will struggle to find a sense of security and survival in a world that began to “crazy”. Various moral choice will still accompany the presence of The Season 2, along with the passage of the freedom to form a story. As Season 1, The Walking Dead Season 2 will also be offered in 5 pieces that slide periodic episodes in 2014.

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