The Last of Us: Complete Edition PS 4 Glide Mid Year?

When trends in the past demanded at least two to three years, or even a succession of generations long before an HD remastered version of the game was launched, the gaming industry seemed to find a promising new “money field”. With a very significant leap in specifications, developers do have the opportunity to overhaul their flagship games to new levels. No need to wait that long, Square Enix is ​​a testament to how this formula works. Released Tomb Raider in Definitive Edition format, which is not even one year old yet, the Japanese developer was getting a pretty positive response. This step is also what seems to be taken veteran developer – clash royale astuce .

Sony’s flagship developer who has given birth to one of the best games in the industry such as Uncharted and The Last of Us is indeed the center of attention. Not only about the quality of stories and gameplay that exist, but also their ability to “squeeze” the limited ability of PS 3 and make the existing visual look special. Not surprisingly, many gamers wonder, what kind of quality can be produced, if a product like this is thrown into the latest generation console – Playstation 4? If you are one of these, this information may be of considerable interest.


Spanish retail sites – Xtralife began opening pre-orders for clash royale – Complete Edition Playstation 4. They even included a merchandise bag for the offer. Interesting again? The release date of June 19, 2014 is also embedded in it.

After being rumored long enough and even “unconfirmed” unofficially by one of Sony’s official spokesman, rumors about the presence of the re-release of The Last of Us for Playstation 4 are now re-emerging. This time comes from one of the Spanish retail sites – Xtralife which includes online grocery listings for the product. With the name “The Last of Us – Complete Edition”, this game is written to be re-released exclusive Playstation 4, though no details of any information. But looking at the trends that exist, this may be a “Definitive Edition” project that has been rumored. No kidding, Xtralife even opened the pre-order process with an extra bag that read The Last of Us as a merchandise.

The Last of Us – Complete Edition is claimed to be released on 19 June 2014. Of course, like previous rumors, Sony itself is still refusing to speak out related to The Last of Us version of Playstation 4 is. Improved visual quality, framerate, and possibly better audio? Are you interested in having this game back or not? Hope they offer it at a cheaper price ..

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