Review Angry Birds Go !: marred Micro Transaction!

Where gamers who have never heard the name before Angry Birds? Who would have thought that a game as simple as throwing catapult to demolish buildings on the other end of the screen which is behasil attract billions of downloads since the presence of the series premiere. The concept is already offered flash games – Crush the Castle then faces made with beautiful animations, funny, adorable, and of course, relevant to target the casual gamer wider. Success in the mobile market is what finally pushed Angry Birds appeared as a phenomenon unique to the mobile gaming market. Continued success catapulted the name of Rovio and get Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle.

Most of us would associate Angry Birds with a simple puzzle game that requires only your aim and throw each bird with a unique ability to destroy the green pigs who exist. Rovio itself struggling to ensure that the mechanics will not be easily worn by injecting different variants of the theme in every new series, including Season series and Star Wars. But there is a different in the latest series of their new release for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Blackberry 10. Through Rovio Angry Birds Go !, trying to adapt the concept of fun-racing that remains rooted in the characters and the Angry Birds universe itself.

Did this new concept? Why do we call it a game marred micro-transaction system? This review will discuss it in for you.

The development of technology is allowing the device as small as smartphones and tablets to generate tremendous raw power, especially when he was compared to console one or two generations earlier. Games that maximize these capabilities now deliver quality games with dazzling visuals, regardless of the gameplay mechanics are still relatively limited. Game-class game Infinity Blade and Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle, for example, the pursuit of three-dimensional visual quality with quality almost equivalent to current generation consoles in a smaller screen for him. Progress was also seen in Angry Birds Go!

Carrying the cartoon visuals are subtle with games bright color feast for the eyes, the quality of detail of the characters, vehicles, and setting offered on the Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle zeni gratuit  ! it is not something to be underestimated. The play of color, detail, variety of visual effects, character design and setting up a well-thought be a plus. But for you who have a device with specs that are inadequate, it certainly leaves a problem in itself.

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