Project CARS Supports Project Morpheus for PS 4

Virtual Reality is the future of gaming, this one sentence is not excessive. The concept of glasses capable of projecting games that you play directly to the eye with the best quality first can only be found in sci-fi movies. But with the development of existing technology, this concept began to show a promising form. The breakthrough done by Oculus VR with Oculus Rift becomes a sweet opening. Unfortunately, the decision to “sell yourself” to Facebook makes many gamers doubt the future of VR. However, Sony’s latest VR technology – Project Morpheus has shown an increasingly positive trend.

Introduced in the GDC 2014 event, most of the media that have tested Project Morpheus have shown a positive response, comparing a similar sensation to the already mature Oculus Rift technology. Support developers began to flow, glance at Project Morpheus which is planned to be launched as peripheral PS 4, as a potential project. Certainty is slid from one of the anticipated racing game project – dragon ball z dokkan battle.

In a post on their official blog, the developer – Slightly Mad Studios ensures that Project CARS will support Project Morpheus for Playstation 4. This decision is taken to give Playstation 4 gamers a chance to experience a more optimum racing sensation, from the point of view that makes gamers Is in the cockpit and is spurring a beautiful high-speed roaring engine, of course in splendid locations. It is this atmosphere that Project CARS wants to offer via Morpheus. You can look around the vehicle by just moving your head only.

CARS project itself is planned to be released for Playstation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, and PC. Unfortunately, despite this promising confirmation, Sony itself has not provided further details regarding the release and price set for dragon ball z dokkan battle hacks tool . Who’s next?

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