Update Online GTA: Towards Deathmatch and Race Your Work!

Bored with all the content that is now available in the GTA Online? Do not worry. Rockstar is ready to release the latest update that brings interesting features.

Through updates are available starting December 10, 2013, both gamers PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 will get tools such as Deathmatch and Race Creator and get GTA 5 Money Hack here.

Yes, as the name implies, you can create Deathmatch and Race itself. Once created, you can publish it via the Rockstar Games Social Club to be downloaded and played by the other player.

Communities at Social Club can also give ratings or just share so that more friends can see your work. When this update is released, you can make or tamper with Deathmatch, Team Deatchmatch, Race, GTA Race and Race Rally.

Rockstar plans to regularly monitor the content that has been created by gamers. The best work will be entered in the class of “Rockstar Verified Jobs”.

In addition to announcing a brand-new update for GTA Online, Rockstar did not forget to give a little glimpse of DLC GTA V to be released in 2014. From the announcement on their official blog, it seems that the action of Michael, Franklin and Trevor will continue with new missions in San Andreas. Problem Heist Mode, a new Rockstar will leak in early 2014.

CD Projekt Next-Gen Engine Performance The Witcher 3 in New Trailer

For RPG fans worldwide, the name of The Witcher is becoming known as one of the well respected RPG franchise. The quality offered by the developer – CD Projekt did give birth to a standard that is difficult to follow. Dazzling visual quality, unique gameplay mechanics, the freedom to make moral values, and level of difficulty of that challenge seems to be the answer for gamers fans of the RPG genre that continues longing. Antisipas higher, especially when CD Projekt introduce the closing trilogy – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt devoted to Playstation 4 and Xbox One. The latest trailer which he offered at the event yesterday VGX 2013 further strengthens it and Mobile strike free gold .

After a teaser trailer and screenshots teasing over the past few months, CD Projekt has finally released new content to show the quality of the in-game engine that will he stretcher. Not just offering detail, Mobile Strike  also give a sneak peek a little extra to the concept of the world which they claim will be wider than the previous series. Not only that, a little sneak peek of the combat system and the main antagonist is also shown therein. What is the quality engine that he offer? You can see a screenshot that we collect from RAW video in 1080p resolution that we took below. Enough to represent the quality of the next-gen outstanding.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will be launched for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC in 2014.

The Walking Dead Season 2 Make Clementine Main Character

An emotional roller coaster that is covered with a deep sadness, The Walking Dead did leave a deep impression on all gamers who had the opportunity to try it. Masterpiece born from the cold hands of Telltale Games told about the efforts the two main characters – Lee and Clementine to survive in the midst of the onslaught of zombies endless. But it is the biggest conflict born of the interaction between the survivors who tried to escape from this harsh reality. After that look stunning season 1 through 5 pieces of separate episodes, Telltale has finally officially confirmed the presence of The Walking Season 2 and at the same time – the return of Clementine and get monster legends hack here.

After all the emotional conflicts that must he went through in the first season, The Walking Dead a lot of gamers who naturally builds his own attachment to the character of the girls on this one. In season two, Telltale finally ensure that Clementine will be the main playable character. In sinopsi there, monster legends will struggle to find a sense of security and survival in a world that began to “crazy”. Various moral choice will still accompany the presence of The Season 2, along with the passage of the freedom to form a story. As Season 1, The Walking Dead Season 2 will also be offered in 5 pieces that slide periodic episodes in 2014.

Monster Hunter 4 Save the Financial Capcom

Capcom is facing financial problems somewhat difficult. With sales of some giant franchise way beyond expectations, Capcom seemed to lose the option to restore their position as one publisherpaling respected in the gaming industry. The news that Capcom does not have the budget to develop Street Fighter V increasingly making sense of pessimism was soured. The Japanese publisher himself had stated that it would switch to the DLC system to gain more money from every game they publish. Before this policy effective, Capcom seems to have found a glimmer of hope and get madden mobile coins free here.

Official financial reports released by Capcom finally shows positive numbers. After suffering heavy losses during what period, the sales figures for the past six months has increased about 16.9% percent in the number of 53 billion yen. Not only that, there is the net income figure also rose significantly to 4.95 billion yen, up 20 percent from the previous possisi. Who savior angel Capcom? Nothing less than the Monster Hunter 4. Open interest is so strong in the Japanese market successfully spawned the sale of up to three million copies of Monster Hunter 4. One of the games with the performance targets just outside the madden mobile .
After struggling with the negative financial figures ,, a glimmer of hope comes to Capcom. The Savior? None other than the action of their flagship MAdden mobile game

Interestingly, the position of the best-selling game of all ranks Capcom also changed in this latest financial report. Once dominated by the classic 1992 series – Street Fighter II during the last decade, Capcom is pleased to announce that best-selling Capcom game title of all time is now held by survival horror games of their 2009 – Resident Evil 5. RE 5 is now in first position with 6.5 million units.

Achievements are like this of course is good news, not only for Capcom, but also gamers who of course want more recent projects of this Japanese publisher. Capcom is currently developing two major next-gen series: Deep Down for the Playstation 4 and Dead Rising for Xbox One. Monster Hunter 4 revenue potential is also still has the potential to grow considering the game itself has not skied for markets outside Japan.

Myriad Latest Screenshot Dark Souls II

One trend that is quite unfortunate from the gaming industry today is the lack of the challenges offered by each developer on their latest project. Most of the game is currently only focused to deliver dazzling visual quality or the story, but without the gameplay is enough to make you angry and frustrated. One managed to move beyond the current and present the attractiveness of this one only Dark Souls – an action RPG franchise from Namco Bandai. After the success of the first series, Dark Souls II confirmed since a few months ago. Attractive or not anticipated? Myriad these screenshots will give some idea and visit here .

Do not want to get stuck with the trend of the gaming industry in general, From Software – the developer has confirmed that Dark Souls II will remain with the roots of the franchise over the years. The difficulty level is enough to make you frustrated and variants of enemies that will kill you in a matter of seconds will still be maintained. Oddly enough, this ambitious game will be retained as a current-gen project for Plasytation 3, Xbox 360, and of course – the PC. Dark Souls II will be released in March 2014 and get NBA live Mobile.

Capcom Fighting Game Prepare New Start

Persisting with Street Fighter IV for the last few years, Capcom is often labeled as a developer less innovation, particularly in terms of their fighting game. How come? When the enthusiasm of gamers expect a new Street Fighter series, especially with the presence of next-gen consoles in sight, Capcom is precisely determined to release more versions of Street Fighter IV, and even to an extent that does not make sense. Cogent do not have the budget to develop a new series Street Fighter, a wave of pessimism attacking players fighting genre fans. But do not be discouraged in advance, there is still hope and get on http://www.gamezhacktool.com .

This hope back to life through the efforts Yoshinori Ono – producer of the Street Fighter series itself. Through its official tweet, Ono openly promote jobs for Game Designer and Programmer at Capcom. What for? Fighting game for a new project that is still his secret. Those who managed to enter the studio will be placed in Tokyo and Osaka. Unfortunately, there is no any extra detail of Ono than “teaser” on this one. He himself did not even know what the platform that will be carried in it.
Through its official Twitter account, Ono opens new jobs for the project which he described as the latest fighting game. Unfortunately no detail at all.

Whether this will be an IP that is really new? Or a series of next-gen to franchise long-forgotten legacy Capcom? Or maybe Street Fighter V? As one of the Capcom fighting game fans in the past, our own sincerely hope this will be a revival of one of exceptional franchise that never again touched Capcom – Rival Schools. C’mon Capcom, please a new next-gen Rival Schools!

Publisher Saints Row: Piracy on the PC? Leave it alone!

If we are talking about one of the “classic problem” that is difficult to solve in the gaming industry, then piracy may be regarded as the most controversial topics. Cases that occurred during the last few months is even worse, with the release of pirated copies can now be one month earlier than the original version. Not only injure the rights of publishers and developers, it also threatens their experiences are patiently waiting for the original version  and get Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle on android.

Of all the existing platform, the PC may fairly be scapegoats. Piracy that attacks this platform even suspected as the reason of some publishers are reluctant to release the game for him. But for business on this one, Deep Silver – publisher of the renowned open-world game series Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle had another thought.

In an interview with the Penny-Arcade, Klemens Kundratitz – CEO of Deep Silver confirmed its commitment to continue to release games on the PC, thanks to the wide-open market share and of course a much more active community. So what about the piracy often complained another publisher? Deep Silver has another strategy. Kundratitz states that piracy is already a phenomenon that can not be avoided. Instead of using DRM systems U-Play style which he would not be effective, Deep Silver prefer to take a more open attitude – let and visit Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle hack download .
When other publishers vying against piracy, Saints Row publisher – Deep Silver just had another thought. See it as a phenomenon that can not be avoided, Deep Silver prefer to live with him, let this phenomenon.

Kundratitz states that should be done by Deep Silver today is to ensure that each game they release is showing qualities that will make gamers keen to spend money to buy the original version. Given piracy are already living in the gaming industry for decades, it would be healthier for the publisher to “live together” was instead against a phenomenon of this one.

How do you own? Are the policies adopted by Deep Silver is relatively more healthy or mechanism ala Diablo III PC applied Blizzard became the standard that should be followed?

Franchise Exhibition Success CD Projekt The Witcher

Difficult, challenging, but on the other hand offer enough visual quality to make gamers amazed, perhaps no one expected the charm like this will be able to emerge from a small developer in Poland – CD Projekt. Positive reviews and unique style action RPG The Witcher first managed to push the presence of the second series are increasingly showing a promising trend. Slowly but surely, The Witcher appeared as one of Western RPG franchise that is well respected in the gaming industry. It is also shown with great enthusiasm that gamers against the presence of the final series to be released on next-gen – The Witcher 3.  and you can get Pokemon Go ball generator here

No proving more capable than the numerical data that have been collected by The Witcher during the last two series. To mark the sixth anniversary, CD Projekt is trying to define success in an infographic, to see what is achieved by this one game. Sold over 6 million units during its action, The Witcher also managed to collect more than 279 pieces of the award. Crazy again, the next-gen game that in fact has not been released – The Witcher 3 has even won 79 awards from so many media. This infographic also shows a variety of new features that will be applied to Pokemon Go.

CD Projekt hard struggle of a small studio became associated as a quality name like today really deserve thumbs up. Can not wait for The Witcher 3! Keep up the good work Pokemon Go!

Call of Duty: Ghosts Will Present Mode Alien?

It is the duty for developers to ensure that the game they developed remained popular until quite a long time. This need is increasingly crucial given time single player gameplay which can now be completed in just a matter of hours. One of the most rational solution of course depend on the multiplayer mode, or inject an alternative mode that provides an entirely new experience. This is the main weapon of franchise mainstay Activision – Call of Duty. Extra Mode which can be obtained after completing single player does have its own charm. So what is offered in FIFA 17 of this?

After a struggle with zombies over the last series, Infinity Ward seems ready to move on and offer something new in COD: Ghosts. Although not yet officially confirmed, but some leaked information and a teaser that is indicating the presence of an alien in FPS games on this one. A mode called “Extinction” will reportedly be offered, ask you to fight with the aliens and destroy their headquarters. A short video showing the logo change into alien Ghosts also released by Activision through Instagram video and you can play FIFA 17 on here.

An alien mode for extra gameplay? As long as the quality does not fall on Aliens: Colonial Marines, this is certainly a unique feature that is attractive to dijajal. FIFA 17 coin generator download  itself will glide on November 5, 2013, for the Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Criterion Almost Develop Need for Speed: Millionaire

Goodbye Criterion, no greeting more appropriate to describe the gait developer of this one in the racing genre. After successfully hit the gaming industry through Burnout, Criterion itself which had been asked to be “sole ruler” Need for Speed ​​franchise by the owner himself – EA. But unfortunately a thousand dear, that was not too successful series finally push developers EA to pull out this one. The result? NFS is now held by Ghost Games, while Criterion is now transformed into a small team began to explore new projects. However, this does not preclude Criterion for a little nostalgic and you can play FIFA 17 .

Any project that was never done by Criterion when under the auspices of EA? Alex Ward – head of Criterion Games share a little story via his official Twitter account. Ward stated that Criterion actually never had this crazy idea to create an FIFA 17 series titled “Millionaire”, where you will serve as a rich man who had just won the lottery and bought Supercar for all of your friends. The concept of the game itself he defines as a combination of Top Gear and Freeburn. But the project was canceled and Criterion finally focusing on Hot Pursuit. Not only that, he also mengungkakanp its ambition to develop a Medal of Honor game of the second world war, but from the perspective of the German army.
Alex Ward – head Criterion Games revealed about plans to develop NFS: Millionaire in the past, where you act as lottery winners who are fond of spending money for the sake of the supercar and get FIFA 17 coin generator .

Unfortunately, Ward himself did not open more detail would Criterion projects being worked on at this time. But look at the concept that countless strange and interesting, we own quite thankful Need for Speed: Millionaire’s never come to the surface. Does not sound tempting, at all ..