No Man’s Sky – Indie Game Rivals Star Citizen?

As is known, most of the game with top graphics and gameplay requires teams that are not few in number during the production period. But this does not apply to the game titled No Man’s Sky Hill and get walking dead road to survival.

Game arable Hello Games is able to steal attention when the trailer debut in 2013. VGX Hello Games event itself was formerly known as the developer of the game walking dead road to survival hack .

Believe it or not, the trailer is so alluring and graphics are arguably quite charming, the development team No Man’s Sky simply to 4 people! The number is fairly very, very little for a game whose theme was Exploration Sci-Fi.

In the trailer looks gamers can explore the surroundings start in the water, on the surface of the planet, in the sky and in space using aircraft. “This is a big game. We wanted to make a game about exploration. And we want to make something real, “said Sean Murray of Hello Games.

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