Mad Max & NBA Live Mobile Game Postponed Until Next Year!

Just Cause, almost most gamers of course have been familiar with the name of this game before. Apart from the variety of game bugs that occur, it is still regarded as one of the most enjoyable open world gaming products available on the market today. The super-wide world with a variety of “crazy” acrobatic acts that can be done makes it a phenomenon, even enough to build up its own fanatical fan base. Interestingly again, the developer – Avalanche Studios even rumored to be developing the latest series – Just Cause 3 is intended for the next-gen market. Unfortunately, these fascinating rumors are not accompanied by other good news from the game series they are developing – Mad Max.

Departing as an adaptation of popular post apocalyptic films, Mad Max has become one of the most anticipated open-world gaming projects this year. As Avalanche’s next-gen first project, NBA Live Mobile shows so many promising things, especially from his ability to capture the atmosphere of the Mad Max movie version. Character design, world, and a variety of actions that could be shown in various trailers and screenshots to make this anticipation stronger.

You who have been waiting for Mad Max release for this year seem to be prepared to be disappointed. After having “disappeared” for the last few months, Avalanche confirmed the delay of this one game. NBA Live Mobile hack is officially postponed until 2015, from the 2014 release window that was planned. This announcement was delivered with the presence of a new trailer “Magnum Opus” which does look stunning. Avalanche itself does not give a clear reason behind this delay.

Mad Max itself is planned to be released for Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and of course – PC. Hope it turns out good!

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