Developer Watch Dogs & GTa 5 Praise PS 4 Performance

Present as the latest generation consoles with the strongest performance capabilities today, Playstation 4 is the middle of being excellent. Specifications offered do provide more space for developers to experiment, not only from the visual side, but also the existing gameplay mechanics. Some major developers even openly compare their reported abilities, reaching 50% higher than Xbox One. The consequences are clear, some cases of multiplatform games perform optimally on the framerate side and resolution on the Playstation 4. Praise for praise continues to flow, even from the developers of one of the most anticipated games of 2014 – GTA 5 hack .

In his interview with the Playstatio Blog site, Colin Graham – Animation Director of GTA 5 calls the Playstation 4 a machine that has given him the hope of dreaming. What is article? Graham admits that memory is always a classic problem that keeps the developers from innovating. With the incredible amount that Playstation 4 has to offer, Graham calls it a resource that can never be used up. The result? They can inject more content into it, than just animation to the in-game population variations, creating a more precise atmosphere.

Graham called it a good hardware. Praise is almost the same also made by the lead gameplay designer – Danny Belanger is also fascinated with the technical capabilities offered by this latest generation console from Sony. This performance capability makes Ubisoft able to create better simulations, from the effects of water, the number of people, the quality of the lighting, all of which encourages Watch Dogs to perform better.

This is of course a happy news for PlayStation 4 gamers who are still eagerly awaiting the project to be released on May 27, 2014 to come. The question is now of course one. Will all claims will prove downgrade visual Watch Dogs console version that had circulated some time ago – wrong? Let’s wait.

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