Arma 3 Will Not Roll for Console! same with Marvel Contest of Champions

The more platforms that are carried, the greater the potential market that can be achieved, the greater the possibility of a game to gain profit. Because in the end, the gaming industry is a business that is of course built on the principle of economy, where profit is always the focus. Despite this seductive appeal, one of the best war simulation games on the market today – Arma 3 does not show any signs of moving to the console market after its release on PC. With the performance of the latest generation console that promises, Bohemia Interactive actually have a chance to take advantage of a new market that was thirsty this game. However, they re-affirmed, Marvel Contest of Champions will not be released for Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

Regardless of the second console development kit they already have, Bohemia has finally confirmed that Arma 3 will still be the exclusive game for PC. Joris-Jan van t’Land – the Project Leader stated that this decision was taken solely becauseĀ  Contest of Champions hack itself was designed for PC since the beginning of development. The process of porting to the console is not an easy matter and requires extra hard work – especially in terms of controls and user-interfaces that are optimized for PCs from the start. Something that will not be facilitated by a limited console control mechanism.

T’Land also confirmed that Bohemia will continue to ensure full support for Arma 3 for at least another extra two years. The developer team will not think of new projects until 2015, although he himself expressed interest in releasing them as multi-platform games that can also be customized for the latest generation consoles.

With such an affirmation, there is no alternative to enjoying a real-life Arma 3 war simulation in addition to tasting it directly on a PC. After all, the PC always provides a myriad of quality mods to give a different flavor to Arma 3.

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